“Feel My Face!” Ask the women who have experienced the incredible effects of our facial care line and that’s what you’re likely to hear. Ancient Buffing Grains are a blend of All Natural Grains used for centuries by women the world over to maintain a beautiful glowing complexion. Natural Clays, Sea Kelp, Botanicals and Fruits are added to the Grains to create formulations for specific skin types and conditions. Harsh soaps and facial cleansers strip the skin of beneficial oils in addition to the dirt and overabundance of oil. Your face may respond by producing MORE oil to compensate for what was stripped away or you may simply be left with skin so dry and thirsty it hurts! ¬†Our Buffing Grains take away the bad stuff but leave what your face needs to remain healthy.

Using our Facial Oils in addition to the Buffing Grains will leave you smooth as silk all day. Our oils have been formulated using some of the rarest, most beneficial oils in the world. They absorb quickly and do not leave your skin feeling greasy but simply maintain a healthy level of moisture and oil throughout the day. As with the Buffing Grains, each oil is blended for specific skin types. Using oil on oily or acne prone skin may seem counterproductive and just plain scary but once we understand the chemical make up of the skin and the oils we can balance them so the skin stops overproducing oil and finds its natural balance.